• Zukunftsforen – Engage with the public. A call for PhD student involvement

PSC is adding a new element to its PhD education and a step towards public engagement and ethical discourse with two public "Zukunftsforen". They will be held, (in German) in April and June 2017. The events will bring together PhD students with the public to carry out an ethical and social discourse on socially relevant research in plant sciences. Posted 2017-02

Contact: Sascha Ismail, 044 632 60 22

• Contribute science activities for the International Fascination of Plants Day

On May 18th the world will celebrate the International Fascination of Plants Day in order to highlight the importance of plants and plant research for society’s well-being. This day is an excellent opportunity to engage with the public and make people more aware of the great benefits that plants offer. Institutions and companies are invited to organize plant-related events for the public on or around May 18th.
This initiative is launched by the European Plant Science Organization (EPSO). The Swiss Plant Science Web coordinates and promotes all events in Switzerland. Posted 2017-01

plantday in Switzerland:

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• Mini symposium “Public engagement with science: relevance and methods”

10 April 2017, ETH Zurich, MM C78.1 (Alumni-Pavillon)

Public engagement with science strengthens the legitimacy of research and will contribute to a more sustainable future. The kind of future researchers want to contribute to is a matter of normative values and of social responsibility. In this one day symposium, relevance, approaches and examples of successful public engagement with science will be presented. In workshops, we will discuss what can be gained for science in general and for research projects of participants.
Registration closed on 4 April.

Download Program and abstracts (PDF, 639 KB)

Download Minisymposium flyer (PDF, 514 KB)

Contact: Sascha Ismail

Register for the PSC Summer School: Understanding Risks & Resilience in Plant Systems

May 29 - June 2, 2017, Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Website & program: PSC Summer School 2017
Registration: closed

• Pia-Johanna Schweizer (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, DE)
• Mary Lou Zeeman (Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME, US)
• Adam Clark (University of Minnesota, US)
• Chris Gilligan (University of Cambridge, UK)
• Christophe Randin (University of Lausanne, CH)
• Robert Finger (ETH Zurich, CH)
• Melanie Paschke (Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center, CH) (Posted 2017-02)

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