• Participate in the PSC citizen science project "Wo Samen fallen"

If a piece of uncovered ground is left to itself, plants begin to sprout even in the busiest of city streets. The city air carries seeds that land somewhere, germinate, and become a new plant.

The PSC citizen science project "Where Seeds Fall" will examine the survival chances of urban plant populations and their genetic diversity. You can be a Citizen Scientist too!

The goal is to document which plants are growing spontaneously in the city of Zurich and how they are influenced by the surrounding biodiversity. The more flowers in the vicinity, the more flowers reach your own garden.

If you want to participate email us at or come and visit our Scientifica stand in Zurich on 2-3 September 2017,

• PSC represents ETH at Oberstrass Fest 2017

Juanita at Oberstrass Fest 2017

The PSC Citizen Science Project „Wo Samen Fallen“ was chosen to represent the ETH Zurich at the Oberstrass Markt in Zürich on June 17th, 2017.

PSC gave out over thirty plant trays to visitors as part of our pilot project.

See ETH Zurich communication 2017-06-19

• Evaluation of the internship as a single element of the Bridging Plant Science & Policy PhD program

Alumni, supervisors, partners, lecturers and invited experts are welcome to fill in the Delphi survey that addresses the internship as a discrete element of the PSC PhD fellowship program Bridging Plant Science & Policy. Kindly fill in the survey by Monday, 5 June the latest. All answers will remain anonymous. The results will be presented in a peer-reviewed scientific publication. (posted 2017-06-01)

Link to the questionnaire:

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