Past mentoring events

2017 Mentoring events

  • Welcome Event, 18 Sept 2017

Presentation slides (PDF, 3220 KB) (How to enroll in PSC, DissGo, ETCS, transcript of records, etc).

Interesting websites on how to improve your teaching skills. (PDF, 220 KB)

  • Public engagement with science (April 2017): In a mini symposium, students learned about the relevance and approaches of public engagement with science. During the symposium, they discuss what can be gained for science in general and for research projects of participants. In addition to the symposium, two public future forums on sustainable agriculture were conducted withe the involved participants. PhD students admitted. Course description (PDF, 215 KB)

2016 Mentoring events

  • Industry visit: Frutarom, Wädenswil, 7 Nov 2016. Established in 1933, Frutarom is a rapidly growing global flavor and fine ingredients company. It is rated among the ten leading companies in the world in the field of flavors & fragrances. The site in Wädenswil focuses on health solutions. Here, plants are important for the creation of new ingredients.
  • Science & Policy Mentoring: Careers in Science or Policy, or both? (20 Sep – 6 Dec) This course offers perspectives on possible career paths at the interface of science and policy. It is structured as input-talks, followed by rounds of discussion. Recent graduates, including PSC PhD program “Science and Policy” alumni and more senior professionals will present their career paths in government, politics, NGOs or private companies. Guest speakers: Simon Briner (FOAG); Franziska Humair (FOEN); Claudia Boelter (KWS SAAT AG); Sabine Perch-Nielsen (Ernst Basler + Partner); François Meienberg (Public Eye); Friedrich Wulf (Pro Natura, Friends of the Earth); Dominik Klauser (Syngenta Foundation); Eva Spehn (SCNAT); Michele Garfinkel (EMBO); Thomas Marty (Berinfor AG); Thomas Brooks (IUCN) and Claude Garcia (ETHZ, CIRAD).
  • Welcome event for new PSC PhD Students at ETH Zurich & University of Zurich (7 Sep)
  • Industry visit: Ricola, Laufen (BL), 16 June 2016. Opportunity to visit the family owned company that produces the most famous swiss sweets. The group visited the production and packaging site as well as the herb center, where the famous 13 herbs are processed before extration.
  • Diversity Management course, 24–25 May 2016. How do you manage the diversity of staff in your research group, how do you deal with gender and cultural differences? How do you build a good working atmosphere to boost the performance of your group? Lecturers: Dr Hilde Janssens (trainer & consultant in science, Austria) and Dr Monika Clausen (Dr Monika Clausen & Netzwerkpartner, Switzerland). Target audience:  Advanced postdocs, group leaders, starting group leaders and junior principal investigators.
  • Lunch Brown Bag: How to prepare for an ERC grant application in 2017 with Switzerland as a Third Party (29 Mar 2016), with Dr Andrea Degen, Eurelations AG
  • Lunch Brown Bag: How to apply for a job in the Industry (1 Mar 2016), with Roger Gfrörer from the Career Service UZH

2015 Mentoring events

  • Welcome to new PSC PhD Students at ETH Zurich & University of Zurich (15 Sept)
  • Industry visit KWS, Einbeck, Germany (9-11 Sept)
  • Industry visit to the Syngenta facilities, Stein, Switzerland (27 Aug), before the PSC Syngenta Symposium

2014 Mentoring events

  • Welcome to new PSC PhD Students at ETH Zurich & University of Zurich (2 Oct)
  • Welcome to new PSC PhD Students at University of Basel (12 Nov)
  • Lunchtime Workshop, Accessing resources to improve teaching skills - how to get meaningful experience (14 Oct)
  • Lunchtime Workshop, Introduction to PhD Program in Science & Policy (21 Oct)