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Vom Licht zur Nahrung: PSC Ausstellung an der Scientifica 2015

Die Scientifica 2015 widmet sich dem Thema Licht. Das PSC beteiligt sich mit der Ausstellung «Vom Licht zur Nahrung», die in Zusammenarbeit mit Pflanzenforschenden entstanden ist.
Die Zürcher Wissenschaftstage finden am Wochenende vom 5. bis 6. September 2015 statt.
Weblink: Vom Licht zur Nahrung 

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The Swiss Academy of Sciences SCNAT is celebrating its 200-year anniversary with science activities throughout Switzerland. Download the SCNAT Science Guide app and participate in the various activities. For example a PSC family walk in search of invasive plants in Basel and Zurich. Weblink: 

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The Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC) is a competence center linking and supporting the plant science research community of the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich and the University of Basel.

The PSC promotes fundamental and applied research in the plant sciences. We seek creative approaches to research mentoring and coursework for students and postdocs, and we provide platforms for interactions with peers, policymakers, industry and stakeholders. We help graduate students put together the right package of classes in the plant sciences, statistics, policy, communication and other transferrable skills. And, we help match students and PIs with appropriate funding sources to take on some of society’s most important questions.


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