Mentoring & Career Development

Several mentoring opportunities


PSC offers

- mentoring for PSC PhD students and postdoc fellows

- the feminno program addresses female scientists and young professionals interested in innovation. This is an interuniversity, specialized continuing education program.

• Mentoring services for PhD students and postdocs


PhD students and postdocs are welcome to join the PSC mentoring program that supplements the PSC training programs.

The PSC Mentoring for Research Impact Initiative aims to help students tap into existing resources and optimize their efforts in career development, teaching, science communication, and policy impact.

Several mentoring formats are possible:

- One-to-one mentoring on policy impact of research - join our policy experts for a two hours mentoring session. Contact, Melanie Paschke

- Engage in the PSC outreach activities and receive a one-to-one coached opportunity to improve your presentation skills in the public. Contact, Juanita Schläpfer


• Career Development and Research Training for Postdocs


Postdoc fellows can request a certification for the Career Development Program after accomplishing career and research training for 180 hours from PSC courses and participating university continuing education (irregularly offered training courses).

For details visit website  Certification and Career Development for Postdocs

• feminno program for innovators

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The feminno program offers mentoring and career development for female scientists and young professionals interested in innovation.

Website feminno