The PSC plays a unique role in linking researchers from our consortium universities with society. We organize special events where cutting-edge research comes to life.

Conferences, Symposia, Public Round Tables and Dialog Grün

The PSC hosts several events each year in which academics, agency representatives, and partners from industry and NGOs engage on the challenges facing society.

Conferences, Symposia & Round Tables

2018 Symposium: Breakthroughs in Plant Sciences

2018 Public round table: Urban Agriculture – Fad or Future: Should tomorrow’s cities grow their own food? (24 Oct)

Plant science at school

Our education specialists develop curriculum and teaching exercises related to research happening at ETH Zurich, University of Basel, and University of Zurich. These activities are accredited and offered as continuing education opportunities for Swiss secondary school teachers though our partners at the Life Science Learning Center (Zurich), l'Eprouvette (Lausanne) and BiOutils (Geneva). The program allows teachers and university scientists to enter into productive dialog on hands-on learning for youth.

Plant science at school

Public Outreach

Our special programs give families a chance to spend time with plant scientists, both in the laboratory and out in nature. Most activities are offered in German language.

Public outreach in German with list of current events.

Klimagarten 2085 – A public experiment

The travelling art-science experiment from the PSC will be installed at the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil from April to July this year. We are looking forward to experiencing a version with a focus not only on horticultural crops but some of the trees and shrubs which are important to the landscape architects there.

In order to build on the momentum of the Swiss teenagers Klimastreik we offered a smaller version to high schools. The result was very positive with biology teachers from four Gymnasiums from Zurich, Basel and Graubünden reserving the experiment for this year and Winterthur next spring. This means that several thousand high school students will have a close encounter with plants and climate change in a garden of the future.

The Klimagarten exhibition brings climate change scenarios to a tangible human temporal and spatial scale. Science and art help in visioning our future green cities, landscapes and agriculture.

Website: Klimagarten   (In German)