Dynamics of Plant Development and Evolution

PSC Symposium 2017

Fire Joop Vermeer UZH

30 November 2017, 08:45–17:00h and 1 Dec 2017, 08:30–13:00h

ETH Auditorium Maximum HG F30, Rämistr 101, Zurich

Join us for this 1.5 day conference, where plant scientists from Switzerland and abroad will discuss the latest highlights in plant development and evolution.

Registration and admission fee

Registration is requested. Registration closed on 21 November 2017.

PSC research group members (includes researchers, staff and students): free of charge. Other participants: CHF 50.

Registration website: http://www.celldynamics2017.ethz.ch/

Poster session & poster award

All attendees are encouraged to present their own work with posters.

Extended poster abstract submission deadline: 12 November 2017 (closed).


Thursday, 30 November

08h45 Welcome, Sam Zeeman, ETH Zurich, PSC president

Session I: Selection & adaptation.  Chair: Florian Schiestl, U Zurich

09h00 Chris Morgan, John Innes Center, UK: The evolution of meiosis in Arabidopsis arenosa

09h30 Cris Kuhlemeier, U Bern, CH: The molecular basis of pollinator-mediated speciation in Petunia

10h00 Juliette de Meaux, U Köln, DE: Does defense coevolve with flowering time in A. thaliana?

10h30 Coffee break with poster session


Session II: Response to signals.  Chair: Samuel Wüest, U Zurich

11h00 Fredy Barneche, IBENS, Paris, FR: Light signaling controls nuclear architecture reorganization during seedling development

11h30 Daniel Croll, U Neuchâtel, CH: How pathogens rapidly surmount plant resistance in agricultural ecosystems

12h00 Ueli Grossniklaus, PSC, U Zurich, CH: Receptor-like kinase-mediated signalling during plant reproduction

12h30 Claudia Köhler, SLU Uppsala, SE: Epigenetic regulation of transposable elements drives plant speciation

13h00 Lunch break with poster session


Session III: Communication. Chair: Antía Rodríguez Villalón, ETH Zurich

14h30 Marja Timmermans, U Tübingen, DE: Small RNAs as mobile, morphogen-like signals in development

15h00 Thomas Greb, COS Heidelberg, DE Cell fate decisions during radial plant growth – making a case for phloem specification

15h30 Ross Sozzani, North Carolina State U, USA: Modeling gene regulatory networks that control the Arabidopsis root stem cells

16h00 Monika Hilker, FU Berlin, DE: Insect egg deposition warns plants of impending herbivory

16h30 Poster awards by Antía Rodríguez Villalón, ETH Zurich

16h45 Apéro and poster session


Friday, 1 December

Session IV: Morphogenesis.  Chair: Joop Vermeer, U Zurich

08h30 Olivier Hamant, ENS Lyon, FR: Mechanical signals in plant morphogenesis

09h00 Karin Schumacher, COS Heidelberg, DE: Vacuoles - pumping up the plant volume

09h30 Elizabeth Haswell, Washington U in St. Louis, MO, USA: Stretching the imagination: Mechanosensitive channels in plants

10h00 Coffee break

10h30 Elena Kramer, Harvard U, USA: Exploring the genetic basis of floral novelty in Aquilegia (Remote talk)


Session V: Polarity & (a)symmetries.  Chair: Célia Baroux

11h00 Dolf Weijers, U Wageningen, NL: The Arabidopsis embryo as a model for understanding the genetic basis for multicellular development

11h30 Ralf Reski, U Freiburg, DE: Cuticule, sporophyte, stomata: three plant innovations that changed our planet

12h00 Dominique Bergmann, U Stanford, USA: Making a (cellular) difference

12h30 Erik Nielsen, U Michigan, USA: Functional analysis of the roles of CSLD proteins during plant cell wall deposition in Arabidopsis

13h00 Young scientists and speakers round table lunch discussion (reservation necessary). For all other participants: end of conference

Scientific Program Committee

  • Célia Baroux, UZH
  • Antia Rodriguez Villalon, ETHZ
  • Florian Schiestl, UZH
  • Joop Vermeer, UZH
  • Alex Widmer, ETHZ
  • Yvonne Willi, U Basel
  • Samuel Wüest, UZH


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