Breakthroughs in Plant Sciences

PSC Symposium, Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Alexandros G Sotiropoulos, UZH

Venue: ETH Auditorium Maximum HG F30, Rämistr 101, Zurich

This conference will present major advances in plant science research.

Participants are encouraged to present their own work during the poster session.

Symposium program & abstracts (PDF, 2386 KB)

Conference registration closed.


Session Speaker Presentation title
Prof. Beat Keller
University of Zurich & Plant Science Center
Highlighting the achievements of the PSC in the past 20 years
SESSION I: Plant signaling and development
Prof. Cyril Zipfel
University of Zurich

FERONIA and the regulation of receptor kinase-mediated signaling

Prof. Daphne Goring
University of Toronto

Decoding the Compatible Pollen Response Pathway in the Brassicaceae Stigma

Prof. Mark Estelle
U California, San Diego

Auxin integrates growth and stomatal response during drought

Coffee Break and Poster Session
SESSION II: Plant ecology and evolution
Prof. Detlef Weigel
MPI Tübingen

Using Arabidopsis thaliana to understand climate-driven adaptation

Prof. Ansgar Kahmen
University of Basel

Hydrogen isotopes in plant organic compounds as indicator for plant metabolic processes?

Prof. Elena Conti
University of Zurich

Integrating macro- and micro-evolutionary perspectives on plant diversity: breakthroughs from genomic data at multiple hierarchical levels

Lunch and Poster Session
SESSION III: Innovations for plant improvement
Prof. Mark Aarts
Wageningen University

Improving photosynthesis efficiency in plants, dream or reality?

Prof. Luca Comai
U California Davis

Natural and induced plant genomic instability

Prof. Caixia Gao
Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS

Genome editing with programmable nucleases in crop plants


Susanne Brink
Editor of J Trends in Plant Sciences

Global perspective on the importance of plant science research
Poster awards & concluding remarks
Prof. Sam Zeeman
ETH Zurich, Head of PSC