Patterns in Nature and Plant Sciences

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Wednesday, 8 December 2021


Symposium of the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

Venue: ETH Zurich, Auditorium Maximum HG F30, Rämistr 101, Zurich and online


The symposium will highlight advances in plant science research from micro- to macro-scale by touching the art of data science.

It aims to answer key questions such as: How to find patterns in data? How to find patterns in nature? And what do they reveal?

Symposium regulations

This is a hybrid event.

Only Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center researchers (Master students, PhDs, postdocs, PIs, and staff) are admitted to participate in person on the ETH Zurich premises. Participants will have to present a valid Covid-certificate and personal ID to be admitted to the Auditorium Maximum. Wearing a mask is required in indoor spaces. Poster presenters are requested to participate in person.

Online participation is the alternative option, especially for non-PSC members.

PSC will adhere to ETH Zurich pandemic regulations. Thus, changes are possible.

Flash talks by early scientists

The Scientific Committee will select 4 poster abstracts among the submissions received. Four young scientists will get the opportunity to give a 10-minute plenary presentation (reserved for PSC network members). Selected poster authors will be contacted after the abstract submission deadline.

Please MARK the box in the registration form, if you would accept an invitation for a FLASH TALK.

Call for abstracts

Your poster abstract is very welcome! Awards will be given to the three best poster presenters.

Only poster abstracts by PSC lab members will be accepted.

For submission requirements see box on the right.

Poster abstract submission deadline: 1 November 2021 (23:59h).

Program (tentative)

Session Speaker Presentation title
09:15 Bruno Studer
ETH Zurich, PSC chair
  Cyril Zipfel, University of Zurich Session chair

Markus G Stetter
Crop Evolution and Adaptation, Institute for Plant Sciences, University of Cologne, DE

Molecular patterns of repeated grain amaranth domestication

Nico von Wirén
Molecular Plant Nutrition, Leibniz Institut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung, Gatersleben, DE

Nitrogen nutrition as determinant of lateral root patterning
10:30 Claude Becker
Genetics, Biocenter, Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, DE
Emergence and propagation of epigenetic patterns during somaclonal reproduction


Break and poster session

  Anne Roulin, University of Zurich Session chair

Siobhan A Braybrook
Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology, UCLA, USA

Underlying expectations: exploring cell-to-organ growth patterns

Edwige Moyroud
Flower Development, The Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK

One-size-fits-all? Evo-Eco-Devo of petal patterning in Hibiscus flowers
12:30 Zoran Nikoloski
University of Potsdam & Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology Potsdam, DE
Network-based approaches identify and quantify patterns in plant leaf epidermis




Lunch and poster session


  Benjamin Stocker, ETH Zurich Session chair
14:30 Loïc Pellissier
Landscape Ecology, Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems, ETH Zurich, PSC
Towards measuring and understanding global phytodiversity
15:00 Max Rietkerk
Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, NL
Patterns in Nature and Pathways of Resilience (►online presentation)
15:30 Caroline E. Farrior
Integrative Biology, University of Texas at Austin, USA
The search for governing mechanisms of forest size structure across latitudes
16:00 Break and poster session
  Rie Inatsugi-Shimizu, University of Zurich Session chair
16:30 Flash Talks by selected PhD students and postdocs tbd
17:00 Rachael Garrett
Environmental Policy, Institute of Environmental Decisions, ETH Zurich, PSC
Telecouplings in agri-food systems and their implications for sustainable development (Food for Thought Talk)
17:15 Klaus Schläppi, University of Basel Poster awards and concluding remarks
  Apéro and poster session  

Scientific Program Committee


Manuela Dahinden, Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

Rie Inatsugi-Shimizu, University of Zurich

Anne Roulin, University of Zurich

Klaus Schläppi, University of Basel

Benjamin Stocker, ETH Zurich

Cyril Zipfel, University of Zurich

Sylvia Martinez, Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center