Past public round tables (Archive)

The PSC and its Science & Policy PhD Program, organizes public round tables and panel discussions. Here, scientists, policy makers, other experts and the general public meet to debate topics in plant sciences relevant for policy and for society at large.

Past public round tables and panel discussions


Year Topic

What next after the ECJ judgement on gene editing? Panel discussion 11 April 2019

Organized for PlantHUB –  A European Industrial Doctorate Program and held during the Tri-National Arabidopsis Meeting (TNAM 2019 )

The panel discussion is summarized in the PlantHUB deliverable D22, published in July 2019 by the PlantHUB programmme office.

Download summary report (PDF, 1 MB)


Urban Agriculture – Fad or Future: Should tomorrow’s cities grow their own food? 24 Oct 2018

Organized by PSC PhD students

Flyer (PDF, 283 KB)


Innovation vs. Regulation, 1 Sep 2016
Panel discussion organized by PSC PhD student , during EUCARPIA General Congress

Program (PDF, 369 KB)


Plant Sciences, Patents and Food Security

Impressions and outcomes of the panel discussion

2014 Science in policy on the use of systemic pesticides

Working in science or policy – or both?


GMO research in Switzerland – Are we standing at the open grave of stakeholder dialogue?

2010 Does evidence matter in policy making?