RESPONSE Public Event: Sustainable Energy

RESPONSE Public Event 2022

Technical innovation, massive business model change and societal adaptation are inevitable if we are to build a sustainable energy system. But how do we get there? What steps should we take? And who will lead the way? We dive into this topic and take an interdisciplinary approach with our event partner, the Energy Science Center of ETH Zurich, GreenBuzz and our host, Siemens.

Energy demands are evolving fast. Nations are moving to build more self-reliance on their energy systems. We have an increasing demand for electricity and at the same time, we have aggressive goals to cut carbon emissions. Energy infrastructure projects will require long-term investments, so finance and governments are key to the solutions.

The only way to tackle the complex problem we face is through an interdisciplinary approach. Cutting-edge research is being done, but what can we learn? What support is required?

In the frame of the RESPONSE Program, we will get insights by eight doctoral students in researching the hurdles and working on specific solutions for a sustainable energy system, following a panel discussion by three keynote speakers from academia, business and the public sector.

Join us to discuss the following questions:
    •    How can energy policy support the speed of technical innovation?
    •    How can green energy models be economically favorable?
    •    What is the state of the art in research on biofuels, and the future of transport?
    •    What are government and societal roles around nuclear waste?

We are happy to announce that this event is hosted by Siemens in their state of the art Swiss Headquarters in Zug. The Siemens Campus is a great example of the interplay between new technological solutions and the energy efficiency and sustainability they bring with them.

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