Master's Coursework

Courses and Modules for Master's Students

The PSC, in coordination with the University of Zurich, the University of Basel and ETH Zurich, offers students the choice of two specialized Master's course modules and more than 100 plant science courses from the three universities. Students may build these courses into their personally-tailored curriculum, counting them towards degree completion requirements at their home university.

Please note that the PSC does not offer a free-standing Master's program. To be eligible to register for the PSC Master's modules, students must first be accepted into and enrolled at one of the 6 affiliated Master's programs listed below.

Students may acquire up to 30 ECTS (in accordance with the regulations of their home Master) through PSC Master's courses outside their home Master. The courses are counted as mandatory elective courses (Wahlpflichtkurse) towards the Master's degree.

  1. 'Challenges in Plant Sciences' (Colloquium), 2 ECTS, each fall term
  2. 'Sustainable Plant Systems' (Seminar and online course), 4 ECTS, Fall 2018
  3. 'Plant Response to Stress' (Seminar and online course), 4 ECTS, Fall

PSC Master's Module 'Responsible Conduct in Research'

  • Learn about the professional codes of responsible conduct in research

Affiliate courses in the plant sciences

  • Access to ~100 plant science courses at University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, and University of Basel

Special Information on PSC Course Registration

How to register for PSC and cross-listed courses will vary, based on your home university and the host institution for the course of interest.  Please see our registration details page for instructions.

Affiliated Master's Programs

Enrollment in one of the following programs grants students access to PSC courses and plant science courses from University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, and University of Basel.  For application and admissions procedures, please see the websites of the individual Master's programs.

Master of Science in Biology, Plant Sciences, Department of Biology, ETH Zurich

Master in Environmental Sciences, Major in Ecology and Evolution, Department of Environmental Sciences, ETH Zurich

Master of Agroecosystem Science, Major in Crop Science, Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, ETH Zurich

Master in Biology, Plant Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Zurich

Master in Plant Sciences, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel

Master in Ecology, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel