Integrative Plant Sciences

Master's Module

In this module, the PSC offers Master’s courses integrated knowledge about plants and their environments. Synergies between participating research groups and current subject matter enable engaging, interdisciplinary approaches to questions in the plant sciences.  Scales range from molecular to ecosystem levels, and topics from fundamental science to applications.

This module is a recommended elective module (empfohlenes Wahlmodul), fully accredited by the six affiliated Master's programs.

Courses in this module are offered exclusively during the autumn term.

Course schedule and registration

Fall term
Challenges in Plant Science, colloquium

Sustainable Plant Systems, seminar

Consult the registration page on how to enroll.

Plant Response to Stress
Note: Since 2017 this online course is offered exclusively in self-guided learning mode. Students can complete it at any time: (► use the button „guest login“ or access the course via your AAI login.)

Advantages of the Module

  • All courses are carried out as collaborations between different professors and institutions, introducing divergent perspectives in the plant sciences
  • Students get to know scientists personally and begin building a network beyond their host lab and university.
  • Courses encourage active participation, interaction, and teamwork. Within the online portions of the courses, students use new learning structures designed to promote independent study, self-paced learning, and reduced travel time.

Learning Objectives

  • Integrated knowledge of the different disciplines in plant science
  • Ability to understand and evaluate scientific literature on the topics covered
  • Development of discussion and presentation skills

Evaluation and Grading Criteria

Students registered for courses in this module are automatically registered for the corresponding examinations. To receive credit points, students must actively participate in courses, seminars, and group work.


Challenges in Plant Science Colloquium

  • Evaluation of student presentations by supervising professors.

Sustainable Plant Systems Seminar

  • Submission of two assignments (pass/fail)
  • Group work presentation (individual and group assessment)

If participation or performance is regarded as insufficient, individual improvement of the study performance may be required. The overall module grade is calculated as the average of the individual course grades. A minimum average of 4.0 is required to pass the module. If one of the courses is not passed:

  • The course(s) may be repeated (only possible in the fall term of the following year).
  • The student may take an oral exam (30 minutes) with two of the organizers. The exam takes place at the end of the term break of the winter semester. The date will be communicated separately.