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Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

Registration (for Master's students)

Are you interested in enrolling in a course from the PSC listings?

To register, you must first be enrolled in one of the affiliated Master's programs offered by ETH Zurich, University of Zurich or University of Basel. Then follow the instructions below.

If you are a student from another Swiss university interested in joining our courses, please contact the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center.

• Registration for the 3 core PSC courses

- Challenges in Plant Sciences
- Sustainable Plant Systems

- Ethics and Scientific Integrity for Doctoral Students

All students, please register 1) through the PSC course registration system, see box to the right, AND 2) through your home university course catalogue (Vorlesungs-verzeichnis).


ETH Zurich and University of Zurich students: ETH Zurich course catalogue numbers:

- Challenges in Plant Sciences: 751-3603-00L
- Sustainable Plant Systems: 551-0209-00L
- Ethics and Scientific Integrity for Doctoral Students: 701-5001-00L 

University of Basel students MoNA course catalogue numbers:

- Challenges in Plant Sciences: 11670-01
- Sustainable Plant Systems: 23138-01
- Ethics and Scientific Integrity for Doctoral Students: This course is not listed in the UniBas course catalogue. Therefore, follow the instructions below for registration as a course auditor at another host university (Hörer*in).

• Registration for other courses offered at PSC partner universities (auditor/Hörer*in)

This section applies to all students wishing to enroll in plant science courses offered by institutions other than their home university. The instructions also apply to University of Basel students wishing to enroll in the Ethics and Scientific Integrity for Doctoral Students course.

1. Contact the person in charge of your home Master's program

Reach an agreement on the recognition of the credit points to be awarded for successfully completing the course(s) of interest. In general, ECTS credit points obtained for courses offered by the partner institutions are accepted by the home Master. There may be restrictions, e.g. if there are major overlaps with the contents of courses offered within the home Master.

2. Register for courses at the host university

ETH Zurich

Consult information for “Fachstudierende”

University of Basel students must print, sign and submit the form Anmeldeformular Gruppe PSC (PDF, 163 KB) (Registration form - ENG (PDF, 117 KB)) by the first week of the semester. Enclose a copy of your student ID, and send it to the PSC office as described on the form. Only then can PSC guarantee that you can take courses free of charge.

University of Zurich

Students wishing to participate in plant science courses at the University of Zurich must complete the form Gesuch für die Teilnahme an Modulen der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät. Return the form to the address indicated.

University of Basel

Students wishing to participate in plant science courses at the University of Basel have to complete the form Belegen von Lehrveranstaltungen, Studierende anderer Schweizerischen Hochschulen. The form has to be submitted before the fourth semester week.

• Important points

Space in courses. You are only guaranteed a seat after registering electronically for the course of interest.

Approvals. Once your application has been approved by your host university, you will obtain your login information by mail. You may then electronically register for the desired course. Please follow the instructions on your letter of approval.

Block Courses University of Zurich and ETH Zurich block courses have limited space and are subject to different registration deadlines and procedures. Please visit the website of the individual block courses for specific details.

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Registration for PSC Courses

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PSC course registration is located within the ETH Zurich course registration system:

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Registration usually opens on 1 July and 1 December.