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Important Documents and Admission to the PSC PhD Program

The table below is a checklist of documents to be submitted for your PhD studies. Follow submission instructions on each document; please also provide a copy of each document to the PSC coordination office.

Requirements for Completion of the Science & Policy Program

All PhD students must follow the regulations of their home institution as well as the complementary regulations of the PSC PhD Program in Science & Policy. Please check the detailed guidelines in the box on the Science & Policy main page. Major requirements include:

  • Completion of 12 ECTS (credits) from courses accredited in Science & Policy Curriculum.
  • Submission and successful defense of PhD thesis.
  • Compliance with other regulations of the home institution (University of Basel, University of Zurich, or ETH Zurich).

Note: For all students who have started their PhD after February 2016 it is mandatory to visit the LSZGS introduction event “Introductory Lecture to Good Scientific Practice and Scientific Integrity” (2 hours, no ECTS). Within the event you will sign the declaration of “Good scientific practice” that will become part of your DissGo documents. All PhD students who have or will visit a course on “Research Integrity” or “Ethics” in their PhD program don’t need to visit the introduction. For all accredited training courses see the LSZGS Training in Scientific Integrity course catalogue. (PDF, 249 KB)

PSC PhD Program Certification

The PSC issues certification of completion after all requirements have been fulfilled and the Doctoral Degree Certificate by your home university has been awarded. Required submissions (in hard copy) to PSC:

  • A photocopy of course participation documents
  • A list of all completed courses (at least 12 ECTS), signed by the PhD supervising professor. (Example sheet for PhD students at ETH Zurich)
  • A copy of your Doctoral Degree Certificate

Certification and diploma supplement generation generally takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Program Contact

Course Fees

Science & Policy courses are free of charge for PhD students enrolled in the following PhD programs: Science & Policy, Plant Sciences, Ecology, and other members of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School, if space is available.

External and non-member PhD participants are welcome, although a fee is charged. Inquire about course fees prior to signing up by contacting the PSC coordinator.