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Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

Terms and Conditions for PSC PhD Courses

Course Registration

  • Courses are posted at the beginning of July (for autumn term) or December (for spring term).
  • Online registration is possible as soon as courses are posted and until 4 weeks prior to course start.
  • Course participation is confirmed 5 weeks prior course start the latest. Last Cancellations are expected to be communicated immediately after the confirmation of participation has been send.
  • Approximately two weeks prior to the course, participants receive details about course logistics by email.

Course Fee

Most courses are free of charge for PSC PhD students enrolled in the programs:

  • PSC PhD Program in Plant Sciences
  • PSC PhD Program in Science & Policy

If places are available, PhD students of other programs of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School, are invited to join PSC courses for free.

For other PhD students (external and non-member PhDs): A fee of CHF 300 for most transferable skill courses, summer schools, excursions is charged.

→ Exact course fees are published in the course registration system.

(login required).

Priority for Participation

1) Participation priority is given to PSC PhD students enrolled in the programs:

  • PSC PhD Program in Plant Sciences
  • PSC PhD Program in Science & Policy

2) If places are available, PhD students enrolled in other Life Science Zurich Graduate School PhD programs can join without any participation fee.

Withdrawal from Courses / Cancellation

Cancelling a course registration is possible up to 4 weeks prior to course start free of charge. Thereafter, cancellation will incur a fee of CHF 60 (payment due within 10 days of cancellation).

Failure to attend a course without prior cancellation at least 4 working days before course start will be charged with a fee of CHF 150. 

Cancellations should be arranged with the PSC coordination office Incomplete attendance without documented justification will be fined CHF 60 per missed day.

Complete List of PSC Courses

Note that some courses are offered once a year or less frequent.

Plan ahead and check-out the full PSC course catalogue.  There you find course descriptions.

Currently open PSC courses

PSC uses the ETH Zurich course registration system. For registration see also explanatory box on the right side.

Choose ► Plant Sciences from the drop down menu to find information on available PSC courses.

Course registration usually opens on July 1st and December 1st.

• Transferable Skills Courses offered by PSC Partners (fully accredited)


Dr. Luisa Last,

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Choose Plant Sciences

Registration for PSC Courses

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PSC course registration is located within the ETH Zurich course registration system:

►Footer at the bottom of the website ► Staffnet ►More services ►Courses, continuing education.


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Select ► Plant Sciences


Registration usually opens on 1 July and 1 December.