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Manuela Dahinden

Manuela Dahinden, Dr.

  • Managing Director - Research
  • Communications and Fundraising
+41 44 632 23 33

Office days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday


  • Fundraising, sponsorships and partnerships
  • Developing inter- and transdisciplinary research programs
  • Coordination of research cooperation with industry
  • EU project management
  • Head of public relations and outreach
  • Organization of PSC Symposia, public round tables and expert conferences
  • Editor of PSC newsletter, blogs, social media

Dr. Manuela Dahinden is the director of research and outreach at the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center since 2008. She has a PhD in molecular biology and nearly 20 years of experience in research management and science communication. She develops inter- and transdisciplinary research programs in collaboration with industry, federal offices and international organizations.

Manuela’s core concern is with science transfer and the public understanding of science – a field in which she has initiated different formats. These range from specialist conferences, through discussion groups, art and science exhibitions, workshops for school classes and teachers, to family expeditions and science summer camps. She has a background in graphic design and collaborates with Zurich University of Arts, PH Zurich, museums, botanical gardens, science learning centers, schools and community centers. She is the co-author of various art & sciences and science education books.