2nd Symposium on Participatory Research to Foster Innovation in Agriculture, 28-29 Aug 2019

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We invite you to attend the “2nd Symposium on Participatory Research to Foster Innovation in Agriculture” taking place in Zurich from 28th - 29th August 2019. Participatory research drives community-led innovation, aimed at encouraging widespread adoption of economically viable and ecologically resilient sustainable agricultural practices. Farmer participatory research is a collaborative process of research, education and action. It focuses on the social transformation of farmers by involving them in the design and execution of the research programme that encompasses on-farm trials to test and further improve cultivars, agronomic practices and agricultural technologies.

Participatory research evolved mainly to address the difficulties of resource-poor farmers who lack access to formal agricultural research and extension support. Participatory research programs attempt to close the gap between the needs of the beneficiaries and the outcomes of the programmes by recognising the importance of all stakeholders in the generation and dissemination of knowledge. As a result, high adoption rates due to participatory research can be attributed to the increased sense of ownership over the product or process as well as the reassurance that the outcomes are intended to suit the farmer’s needs and preferences. The 2nd Symposium on Participatory Research to foster Innovation in Agriculture symposium will address such important issues.

Poster and paper submission deadline: 10 August 2019


43rd New Phytologist Symposium – Interaction networks and trait evolution

1-4 July 2019 at University of Zurich, main auditorium, Rämistrasse 71, Zürich.


Above- and Below-ground Biodiversity for Sustainable Ecosystems – Symposium

14-15 November 2019 at Agroscope, Zurich, Reckenholz.

Deadline for abstract submissions: 30 June 2019.

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