Graduate Education

The Plant Science Center offers a variety of options for graduate students enrolled or planning to enroll at the University of Zurich, University of Basel or ETH Zurich that range from individual courses to thematic modules to structured PhD programs.

Students expect graduate training to furnish strong skills in fundamental science, science application and communication, stakeholder engagement, and discipline-bridging to solve complex problems.

To address these expectations, the PSC offers graduate classes that complement the degrees awarded by our three partnering universities at the Master´s and PhD level. The PSC organizes more than 30 graduate courses each year, in English.

PSC offers two structured PhD programs

In addition to coursework for Master's students, PSC offers two structured PhD programs with fully accredited curricula, leading to training certification and a diploma supplement that become part of the PhD degree issued by the partnering universities.

The PSC PhD Program in Plant Sciences offers training in frontier topics of plant sciences that include molecular biology, ecology, environmental and agricultural sciences

The Specialized PhD Program in Science & Policy is designed for life, earth, agricultural & engineering sciences. Participants will acquire additional tools that enable them to work at the interface between research, policy, and stakeholders.

Both PhD programs offer access to specialized workshops, symposia, and summer schools addressing the major challenges that science and society are currently facing.