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Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

Procedures & Important Documents for PhD Program Participation

Please adhere to the PhD Program guidelines for Plant Sciences OR Science and Policy (see box "Guidelines" on the right). Each document contains a full explanation of procedures that participants have to adhere to in order to accomplish their PhD studies.

ETH students: Depending on the date of your enrollement at ETH, you must follow the corresponding guidelines.

Important Documents and Admission to a PSC PhD Program

The table below is a checklist of documents to be submitted for your PhD studies. Follow submission instructions on each document.

ETH students: Please refer to the column according to the date of your enrollement (before or later 1.1.2022).

UZH ETH (for students enrolled before 1.1.2022) ETH (for students enrolled 1.1.2022 or later) UBasel
(to be send to the PSC PhD program Coordinator)

Interview Protocol (PDF, 64 KB) (for Track II applicants)

(to be send to the PSC PhD program Coordinator)


Research Proposal (to be submitted via StudentAdmin)

ETH Research Plan (to be submitted via DissGo, Milestone Research Proposal)




Teaching Requirement form(s)

(to be submitted via StudentAdmin)




Doctoral Agreement form  (to be submitted via StudentAdmin)


Doctoral Agreement form

(to be submitted to DissGo)

Thesis Committee Meetings protocol (template) (PDF, 275 KB) Mandatory for PhD students of D-BIOL, recommended for PhD students of D-USYS) (to be submitted to DissGo)

  Sheets are included in the Doctoral Agreement form UBasel form

Accreditation for external course participation (PDF, 135 KB) (to be send to the PSC PhD program Coordinator)

Participants will have to acquire: course participation proof for an equivalent of 12 ECTS, PLUS proof of participation in the course   «Introductory lecture to Good Scientific Practice and Scientific Integrity» (offered by the LSZGS) or Workshop "Research Integrity" for ETHZ PhD students (offered by ETH Zurich) 

(and submit it to DissGo, Milestone Scientific Integrity at ETH/UNIBAS)

(and submit it to UZH Student Admin, Milestone Course work at UZH)



Requirements for the Completion of the PhD Program Plant Sciences OR Science and Policy

All PhD students must follow the regulations of their home institution (university) as well as the complementary regulations of the PSC PhD Program in Plant Sciences OR Science and Policy (see corresponding guidelines).

Find out which courses you have to take on the Curriculum in Plant Sciences OR Science and Policy.

PSC PhD Program Certification

The PSC issues a certification stating that you successfully completed a structured PhD program in Plant Sciences OR Science and Policy (in accordance with the PSC guidelines). This document will be provided to you after you have received your Doctoral Degree Certificate from your home university.

In order to receive the PSC PhD Program certification, students are required to:

  • Upload your course certificates of all completed courses (at least 12 ECTS) or participation documents to DissGo (pdfs, Milestone Curriculum)
  • Send your PhD certificate to the PSC coordination office (pdf):

Issuing the certification generally takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Course Fees

Plant Sciences and Science and Policy courses are free of charge for PhD students enrolled in the PSC PhD Programs.

PhD students registered in a PhD Program have priority in in the respective courses offered by the PhD program. 

If places are available, PhD students of other programs of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School, are invited to join PSC courses for free.

External and non-member PhD participants are welcome, however, a course fee will be charged. Inquire about course fees prior to signing up by contacting the PSC coordinator.