The PSC PhD Program in Plant Sciences requires completion of 12 ECTS (credit points) from courses organized or accredited by the PSC. This includes: PSC courses, Life Science Zurich Graduate School courses, courses from Swiss Plant Science Web PhD Programs, and university courses in the area of transferable skills.

For your curriculum choose courses from the table below. The table is taken from PhD guidelines (PDF, 441 KB):

Activities [Numbers correspond to chapters in the Guidelines] ECTS

Compulsory Activity:



Core Elective Activity:





4 - 10

Elective Activity:
Remainder of 12 ECTS may be chosen from*:
  • Participation in international scientific symposium with own scientific contribution (oral or poster presentation) (max. 1 ECTS)
  • Transferable skill course can also be visited at GRACE (University of Basel), GRC or LSZGS and other continuing education offers
  • Organization of PSC PhD Symposium (max. 3 ECTS) [3.3.5]




max. 6

* with approval from principal investigator or thesis committee

How to compile the requested 12 ECTS

  • 4 ECTS should be in the area of transferable skills.
  • One-time participation in the colloquium "Challenges in Plant Sciences" (2 ECTS) is mandatory, preferrably at the beginning of your PhD studies. Students having already participated in the colloquium during Master’s studies are exempt – these ECTS may be replaced by other approved coursework.
  • Up to 3 ECTS may be awarded for organizing the PSC Symposium.
  • Presentation of PhD research at international conferences may be awarded with up to 1 ECTS.
  • Other courses (national/international) may be accredited with prior agreement of your PhD supervisor.

Accreditation of other courses (ECTS)

Participation in other courses (national/international) need prior agreement of your PhD supervisor.

All ECTS acquired outside of Univesities of Zurich and Basel, ETH Zurich and associated PhD Programs need a confirmed accreditation through the PSC office: fill the form in the submenu Procedures → Accreditation of external courses. 

PSC offers courses in collaboration with Life Science Zurich Graduate School, University of Zurich, University of Basel and ETH Zurich. Students have to make sure to follow accreditation procedures for all other courses.


All students who started their PhD after February 2016 have to participate in the LSZGS introduction event Scientific Integrity - An Introductory Course (2 hours, no ECTS).

During this event students sign the declaration of “Good scientific practice” that becomes part of your DissGo documents. All PhD students that have or will participate in a course on “Research Integrity” or “Ethics” in their PhD program don’t need to visit the introduction class. For all accredited training courses check the scientific integrity training course catalogue.