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The Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC) provides a nexus for approaching questions in the plant sciences that require coordinated effort. Our 50 research groups represent a wide spectrum of plant-related disciplines. The PSC provides platforms for interaction and a source for PhD and Postdoctoral fellowships for students ready to face these challenges.

Research priorities

Fundamental plant biology: cell biology, model organisms, (epi)genetics, biochemistry, physiology, evolution, speciation, genome editing and omics-methodologies.

Food and agriculture: climate change, food security, soil health, sustainability, crop improvement, productivity and farming.

Plant–environment interactions:  broad-scale ecology, biodiversity, microbial interactions, mycorrhizal interactions, pathogens, biotic stress, abiotic stress, soils and carbon storage.

Ecosystem function and management: sustainable value chains, digital tools for biodiversity monitoring andevidence-based policymaking.

Soil and land use change: soil analytics, microbiology, resources, agroforestry and evidence-based policymaking.

Health and society: food consumption and planetary health diet, health and well-being, economy, urban environments, Indigenous histories and ethnobotany.