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PSC members drive the research and teaching that have made Zurich and Basel world class centers in the plant sciences. The full list of professors affiliated with the PSC may be found here. Other PSC group leaders can be found here. PSC services that are provided to our members are described below.

Apply for a PSC fellowship

The PSC coordinates a range of fellowship and funding programs for PhD and Postdocs in the plant sciences.

We send regular email alerts with information about national and international funding opportunities in the plant sciences.

Contact: Manuela Dahinden

Post your events through our PSC news email alert

We send regular email alerts with information about upcoming PSC activities and events organized by our members. All are welcome to subscribe and unsubscribe.

Contact: Manuela Dahinden

Subscribe to the PSC Newsletter

The PSC newsletter appears twice a year, at the beginning of each semester. It keeps the plant science community up to date on research, education and events taking place at the center.

Contact: Sylvia Martinez

Increasing the visibility of your research

Our members have the opportunity to present themselves and their work in a research portfolio on the Swiss Plant Science Web. The umbrella organization for research and education in academic plant science in Switzerland.

Contact: Sylvia Martinez

Post your open position through our job channels

Position openings will appear on the PSC website, on the SPSW website, and on the Euraxess website.

Contact: Manuela Dahinden

PSC PhD recruitment

In cooperation with the Life Science Zurich Graduate School we offer an online application system for the recruitment of international and national PhD students. Applications are evaluated twice a year (July and December) by an admission committee. We organize the interviews and invite high-priority PhD candidates to Zurich for your open position.

Contact: Luisa Last

Are you interested in applying for an EU grant?

The PSC offers so called «Seed tanks» – targeted meetings to facilitate grant applications responding to plant science related calls in the European research framework programs (H2020, Horizon Europe), and/or among PSC members. A group of interested researchers meets to discuss on a call topic. The PSC moderates the meetings and consults on fundraising opportunities as well as management, training, outreach activities presented within the call.

Contact: Manuela Dahinden

Research Management

All members of the PSC have access to service-oriented research management structures throughout the life-cycle of the fellowships, including organization of peer-reviewed candidate selection processes, research contract administration, EU-project management, financial management and reporting, and impact analysis.

Contact: Romy Kohlmann

Graduate and Postgraduate Education

With thoughtfully designed curricula, courses and teaching, the PSC guarantees future competence in the plant sciences. The PSC coordinates the PhD Program in Plant Sciences and the PhD Program in Science & Policy. The PSC has accredited structured curricula and mentoring offers in "Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)", "Science and Policy", "Innovation Management" and "Open and Data Science". The PSC offers core infrastructure and staff to manage and implement training for 500+ students per year. In-house teaching expertise in transferable skills further assures the quality of training. In 2019, the PSC offered 28 courses for 369 PhD students.

Contact: Luisa Last

Mentoring and Career Development

PSC PhD students and postdoctoral fellows have access to mentoring that complements the scientific supervision of the PI and thesis committee. PSC offers individual mentoring in carrying out science-policy dialogue, science communication, public engagement and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). The PSC aids in career development for example through company visits to explore non-academic collaborations and job opportunities. The PSC promotes internships in policy organizations, facilitating PhD students in working not only on research outcomes but also on policy outcomes for the channels of the policy partners. Meanwhile the PSC has built up a network of 50+ partner organisations, including non-academic partners such as Industry, Public and Civil Society, NGOs, IGOs, GOs. PSC also supports young researchers in their national and international mobility.

Contact: Melanie Paschke

PSC Outreach

The PSC organizes many of outreach activities to make plant science research visible and understandable to the public. Our activities include school class workshops and exhibition design. Every year on May 18th, the International Fascination of Plant Days takes place, with many local activities. Our members are invited to take advantage of our established networks and platforms.

Contact: Manuela Dahinden

Outreach Strategy Assistance

A growing number of research-funding institutions require that a portion of the project effort and budget go towards translating scientific work into societal gain. In coordination with principal investigators at the grant-preparation stage, the PSC can put together packages of outreach projects tailored to a broad range of plant science themes. PSC staff has extensive experience in training of school teachers, creation of e-learning content, coordination of public events, and targeted outreach to stakeholders.

Contact: Manuela Dahinden

Join the PSC events

The PSC organizes events such as symposia, summer schools, workshops, retreats and public round table discussions. You are most welcome to join and plan events with us!

Contact: Manuela Dahinden

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