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Successful Innovation – A Guideline for Female Scientists in the Life Sciences at Swiss Universities.
Ute Budliger and Melanie Paschke (eds.).
With contributions by: Ute Budliger, Manuela Dahinden, Carl Emerson, Roger Gfroerer, Daniela Gunz, Christiane Löwe, Tanja Neve-Seyfarth, Melanie Paschke, Isabelle Siegrist, Carolin Strobl.
Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center, 2020.

These guidelines are for women in life sciences who are looking for encouragement and want to make use of their drive and know-how and competences to assess the potential of their own ideas. The authors strongly believe that the conditions for female scientists to become entrepreneurs have never been better.

Nothing should hold women back from the conviction that their ideas have value and that they MUST consequently enter the marketplace for e.g. Switzerland to remain competitive, and for society to grow in gender equality. Women-owned Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are reported to be growing at a faster rate than the economy as a whole in several OECD countries. However, the removal of a number of obstacles would allow their potential to be fully tapped.

These guidelines were developed as a helpful tool for female scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, coaches and all those involved in gender equality.

Creative Camps — Verknüpfung von Kunst- und Wissenschaftsvermittlung
Juanita Schläpfer-Miller & Manuela Dahinden (Hrsg.) Zürich-Basel Plant Science Center (2020)
Mit Beiträgen von Gianna Brühwiler, Giulia Donati, Christian Ginzler, Oskar Hagen, Sabrina Flütsch, Joyce Kalumba, Mina Karrer, Renate Lerch und Alexandra Rosakis.
ISBN 978-3-907234-04-4

Dieses Buch enthält eine Sammlung von Experimenten für Kinder und Jugendliche zwischen 8 und 14 Jahren. Die Experimente wurden von Pflanzenforschenden und Kunstschaffenden der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste entwickelt und können an ausserschulischen Lernorten, in einem Ferienlager oder als Projektwoche in der Natur durchgeführt werden.

Science-policy boundary work by early-stage researchers. Recommendations for teaching, internships and knowledge transfer GAIA 28/3 (2019): 310 – 315


Melanie Paschke, Karina Zurgilgen
Keywords: curriculum, Delphi study, evaluation, internships, policy training for early-stage researchers, science-policy boundary work, science-policy PhD program, transdisciplinary teaching