Registration to PhD Program

Students who are already accepted for a PhD position at a PSC member's group, refer to "Track II" instructions below.

Required qualifications

  • Applicants must hold a university Master's degree (or equivalent) before starting one of the PSC PhD Programs. Please note that we do not accept degrees from Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen).
  • Applicants must have good knowledge of English.

There are two tracks to join one of the two PSC PhD Programs (so-called Track I and Track II)

Track I

File an application via the Life Science Zurich Graduate School

Applications are evaluated by an admission committee. Selected candidates are invited for an interview, to be held in Zurich in early February (December 1st, deadline) or in early September (July 1st, deadline).

Final acceptance for a PhD position depends on:

  • Passing the admission interview,
  • Finding a PhD position in one of the participating research groups,
  • Full-filling the formal admission requirements of the University of Zurich, University of Basel, or ETH Zurich.

After the successful recruitment, please submit your signed registration form (PDF, 196 KB) to the PSC.

Track II

Track II Registration: In case of an open position at our members or affiliated members group, submit your application as indicated by the job advertisement. 

Once a professor/group leader has identified a PhD candidate, s/he must hold a formal admission interview with the potential student. The interview should be conducted in the presence of at least one additional group leader or faculty member.  The supervisor of University of Zurich and ETH Zurich should fill out a short interview protocol (template (PDF, 64 KB)) to be submitted to the PSC together with the registration form (PDF, 196 KB).

Note: University of Basel PhD candidates do not need this interview protocol. Simply submit the PSC registration form to join the PhD program in Plant sciences OR Science and Policy.

Students entering via Track II who wish to join a PSC PhD program must register within three months of enrolling, using the PSC registration form (PDF, 196 KB).