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PSC Course Catalogue

PSC training provides an introduction to conceptual and technical approaches in research and also up-to-date methodological knowledge from research frontiers in plant sciences. Our workshops aim to enhance your interdisciplinary research competence in the field of plant sciences. PSC also offers training on developing transferable skills.

Be aware that not all courses are offered annually.

PSC aims to mediate additional tools at the interfaces between research, policy, and diverse stakeholders and offers specialised courses in Science & Policy.

 Courses of the PhD program Science & Policy


Colloquium "Challenges in Plant Sciences"

The colloquium “Challenges in Plant Sciences” is a core event of the Plant Science Center's PhD program and the MSc module. The colloquium introduces participants to the broad spectrum of disciplines in plant sciences. The topics offer integrated knowledge about plant sciences, from the molecular level to the ecosystem level, and from basic to applied science while making use of the synergies between the different research groups of the PSC.

The course offers a unique chance to approach interdisciplinary topics as challenges in the field of plant sciences. During the kick-off meeting, lecturers give talks on various topics as a general introduction to their research fields. Subsequently, each student group prepares a presentation chosen from a variety of topics and based on literature provided by the lecturers. Students broaden their knowledge in plant sciences. They also practice their lecturing skills and discuss research publications.

Individual Performance and Assessment: 2 Credit Points for PhD and Master students. Based on 8 days of work (= 60 learning hours) consisting of 2 days block course and 6 days of independent preparation time for the talk.

2 ECTS (60 learning hours)
Annually (fall semester)
PSC professors and group leaders
► This course addresses PhD and Master's students

Scientific Integrity – Introduction Event

All students who started their PhD after February 2016 have to participate in the Scientific Integrity – Introduction Event (2 hours, no ECTS, Introduction to GSP & Scientific Integrity) offered by the Life Science Zurich Graduate School LSZGS.

Please, register via LSZGS

At the end students sign the declaration of “Good scientific practice” that becomes part of their DissGo documents. PhD students planning to participate in a more extensive course on “Research Integrity” or “Ethics” during their PhD program don’t need to visit this introduction event. For all accredited Scientific Integrity training courses check the Scientific integrity training course catalogue.




PSC aims to mediate additional tools at the interfaces between research, policy, and diverse stakeholders. Students can attend courses from our specialized PSC PhD Program in Science and Policy.

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