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Active Participation

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Organise the international PSC PhD Symposium

3 ECTS (90 working hours)
Note: organized every two years – next 7.12.2022
Target group: PSC PhD Students

A group of 5-6 PSC PhD students will be responsible for the organisation of an international and interdisciplinary science conference. As a member of the scientific and organisation committee (OK), you will cover the following tasks:
•    Setting the symposium topic
•    Invite international speakers to contribute to a high-quality scientific program
•    Organise symposium logistics
•    Fundraising and finances.

Have a look at past PSC Symposia

If you are interested in joining the Conference Organizing Committee for the next symposium organised by PhD students, contact the PhD Program coordinator

Green Labs Projects

more information coming soon 

Notes: annually (NEW in fall 2023); under supervision 

Target group: PhD students

Students can get involved in Mini-Project for sustainability to make the daily work less wasteful