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Read the interview with Treeless: Link (PDF, 518 KB)

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Read the interview with plantipolis: Link (PDF, 442 KB)

selected for the SEIF Tech for Impact Awardsin 2023:

Alver World (CH) – Developing high protein vegan superfoods with their unique Golden Chlorella microalgae, neutral in taste and colour.

Buzzup (IT) – Translates the sound of bees into pollination performance to increase crop yields and quality while certifying health.

Dimpora (CH) – Offers high-performing, waterproof and breathable membranes based on sustainable materials for outdoor garments.

Flexpenser (SE) – Reducing waste by protecting liquids from contamination after opening their packaging at minimum additional cost.

Gaia Technologies (CH) – Produces clean label ingredients for cosmetics, food, and feed manufacturers out of agricultural sidestreams.

Inverto (CH) – Provides custom solutions optimized for drones to invert the loss of trees, mangroves and insects.

Naturbeads (UK) – Replacing polluting plastic microbeads with natural and biodegradable microbeads made from cellulose.

NoPalm Ingredients (NL) – Produces tailor-made yeast oils & fats, made from agri-food waste streams that substitute palm and other vegetable oils in food, cosmetics, and home care products.

PlasticFri (SE) – Turning agricultural waste into eco-friendly products for replacing plastics.

Revoltech (DE) – Producing a plastic-free, fully biodegradable textile solution made from hemp residues for the furniture, clothing and automotive industries.

deedster (SE) – Developing digital tools and software solutions that empower people to act for the climate.

Umami (CH) – permacultural vertical farming company specialising in growing pure food with superior taste.

Vivent (CH) – tapping into plant signaling networks and decoding them using artificial intelligence to enable growers to increase yields and reduce inputs like water, fertiliser, energy and pesticides.

Voltiris (CH) – Solar modules enabling greenhouse growers to harvest green energy while growing crops.

Vyld (DE) – Produces healthy period products made from seaweed.

Yeastup (CH) – developing vegan proteins and fibers that are highly versatile, natural and sustainable, by upcycling the brewery’s by-products.