Boosting technology transfer and responsible research and innovation in plant sciences

All 10 PhD positions have been filled.


PlantHUB Doctoral Program

PlantHUB is a new European Industrial Doctoral Programme (EID) funded by the H2020 PROGRAMME Marie Curie Actions – People, Initial Training Networks (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016). The programme is managed by the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center.

PlantHUB offers training to 10 PhD students in skills and competencies necessary to apply responsible research and innovation (RRI) in the area of plant breeding and production. The programme addresses the demand for RRI leadership in plant science related research and diffusion of innovation.

Academic-Industry Collaboration


Academic interface


Industry interface

ETH Zurich


CARLSBERG GROUP, Carlsberg Research Laboratory (Denmark)

Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (Germany)

University of Zurich (Switzerland)

BASECLEAR BV (The Netherlands)

LemnaTec (Germany)

University of Basel (Switzerland)



PlantHUB Projects


Project No.


Project title


Research field

1 Exploiting genetic variation in barley for crop quality improvement Molecular breeding
2 Using advanced imaging and profiling technologies to map starch biosynthesis in barley endosperm Molecular breeding
3 Self-fertility for powerful grass hybrids Molecular breeding
4 Self-incompatibility to increase seed yield in forage grasses Molecular breeding
5 Efficient capturing and third-generation sequencing of complex genomic regions Genomic evolution
6 Large-scale isolation and sequencing of full chromosomes Genomic evolution
7 Integrating hyperspectral imaging into phenomic applications for plant stress assays Phenotyping, Stress tolerance
8 Plant phenotyping to understand mechanisms of salinity tolerance Phenotyping, Stress tolerance
9 Dynamic control system for multi-channel LED illumination systems to enable near-natural plant growth Plant physiology, Photosynthesis
10 Dynamic isotope model to trace the geographical origin of agricultural products Modelling in plants

Program Administration and Training

PlantHUB students are enrolled at ETH Zurich, University of Zurich or University of Basel, corresponding to their supervisors' lab affiliations. Candidates participate in the PSC PhD Program Plant Sciences.

As an ITN program, 50% of the PhD time will be spent in a partnering industry company.

Contact: Romy Kohlmann,  PlantHUB program officer