ENGAGE with Society

Participative Planning of Research: ENGAGE with Society

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Application deadline: 20 April 2019 (for social actors only)

In «ENGAGE with Society» societal actors and research groups jointly decide on the research question, the design of the research process, the products resulting from the gain of knowledge, or the effect that is to be achieved in order to generate solutions that are oriented to social needs.

Social actors can apply to ENGAGE with a project. They formulate questions and needs for which they are looking for an answer or solution, and address them to PSC researchers. This can result in up to four projects, which the PSC then will propose to a well-known foundation for funding.

If the funding decision is positive, the PSC will receive dissertation project(s) over a period of 4 years each. The initiators become research partners in the project.

Research Topics

Research topics must be in the area of agro-ecological farming practices and alternative food systems, e.g., soil fertility, resilience through farming methods, smart farming and the application of technologies in heterogeneous, small-scale agricultural and horticultural systems, in niche production and in agro-ecological farming, diversification and agrobiodiversity or alternative food systems.

The PSC will invite interested stakeholders to an idea lab on 10 May 2019, 13:00 – 17:00. PSC researchers will present their topics and provide starting points for working together on the above mentioned topics.

Who can apply?

Swiss representatives of civil society organizations, e.g., associations, NGOs, environmental and agricultural interest groups, local and regional citizens' initiatives; representatives of the executive, environmental and agricultural offices at municipal to national level, regional tourism associations and farmers’ organizations, can formulate their inquiry before April 20, 2019 on a maximum of 2 pages.

More information and application form (in German)


The projects will be in German.


Melanie Paschke, paschkme@ethz.ch