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Fellowships funded by the initiative

Project title Principal Investigator(s); Partner(s) Fellow

Growth and bioactive properties of native potatoes under drought stress. Development of an integrated approach from the field to the market. Link

Prof. Achim Walter and Dr. Eduardo Perez, ETH Zurich

María Elvira Zúñiga (CREAS, Chile)
Guillaume Lacavé

Engineering durable resistance to viral diseases in cassava for sustainable industrial production in Southern Africa. Link

PD Hervé Vanderschuren, ETH Zurich

Maria Emma Christine Rey (Univ of Witwatersrand, SA)

Devang Mehta

siRomics for universal diagnostics of plant viral disease and virus diversity studies. Link.

PD Mikhail Pooggin and Prof. Thomas Boller, University of Basel

Lucius Tamm, Paul Mäder  (FiBL, CH)

Silvia Turco

Seasonal effects of drought on the productivity and
fodder quality of temperate grassland species. Link.

Prof. Ansgar Kahmen, University of Basel

Willy Kessler, Andreas Lüscher  (ART Reckenholz, CH)
Claudia Hahn

Arabidopsis guard cell carbon metabolism in response to drought stress. Link.

PD Diana Santelia, University of Zurich

Klara Simkova (PSI, Czech Republic)

Arianna Nigro

Developing starch diversity in the orphan crop tef. Link.

Prof. Samuel Zeeman, ETH Zurich

Kebebew Assefa (Ethiopian Inst of Agr Res)
Zerihun Tadele (Univ of Bern, CH)

Wuyan Wang

Using epigenetics to help improve plant breeding in organic farming. Link.

Dr. Etienne Bucher and Prof. Thomas Boller, University of Basel

Monika Messmer (FiBL, CH)
Michael Thieme

Molecular breeding strategies to control pollination for improved forage and turf grass breeding. Link.

Prof. Bruno Studer, ETH Zurich

Torben Asp (Arhus University, DK)

Timothy Sykes

Sensible Consumerism for Environmental Sustainability. Link.

Prof. Lian Pin Koh and Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul, ETH Zurich

David S. Wilcove (Princeton University, USA)
Lisa King

Modelling alternative agroforestry scenarios to improve sustainable land use. Link.

Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul, ETH Zurich
Prof Uma Shaanker (ATREE, India)

Charlotte Pavageau

Diversity and primary productivity in subtropical forests – fixing carbon to mitigate climate change. Link.

Prof. Bernhard Schmid & Prof. Pascal Niklaus, University of Zurich

Ma Keping (Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN)

Yuanyuan Huang

Recent biodiversity changes in managed grasslands in the Swiss mountains. Link.

Prof. Jürg Stöcklin, University of Basel

Daniela Pauli (Swiss Biodiversity Forum, CH)
Samuel Vogel (FOAG, CH)
Constantin Pöll

The use of PGPRs and mycorrhizae as biofertilizers on marginal land in India. Link.

Prof. Thomas Boller, University of Basel

Paul Mäder (FiBL, CH)

Lukas Schütz

Evaluating the potential of apomixis for sustainable agriculture and food security. Link.

Prof. Ueli Grossniklaus, University of Zurich;

Richard Jefferson (CAMBIA, Australia)

Margarida Sofia Nobre