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IDP BRIDGES Training Activities


Training Activity Date Upcoming
Science & Policy Workshop A: Evidence-based Policy Making

May 2014

March 2016

Oct & Dec 2017
Science & Policy Workshop B: Stakeholder Engagement

Oct, Nov 2014

Oct 2016

Sep 2017

Spring 2019
Science & Policy Workshop C: Communicating Science

April 2014

May 2015

May 2017

Fall 2018
Science & Policy Workshop D: Building Political Support

Nov/Dec 2013

Feb/Mar 2017



Science & Policy Workshop E: Contributing to a Policy Action

Nov 2012

May 2016

Spring 2018
Science & Policy Workshop F: Understanding Policy Evaluation Jan/Feb  2016

Spring 2018

Science & Policy Training: Scenario-building and modelling Dec 2016    
Fluorescence Imaging Techniques in Plant Physiology Feb 2015  

Responsible Conduct in Research

Course abstract - FS2017 (PDF, 327 KB)


Spring 2018
IDP Career Workshop "Women in Science" April 2015 Jan 2018

Career Mentoring "Careers in Science or Policy, or both?" Course abstract - HS2016 (PDF, 180 KB)

Sep to Dec 2016  
Basic Lecture in Policy Science

May 2015

Oct 2016

Fall 2018

IDP Summer School: Tackling Wicked Problems, Program 2015 (PDF, 1 MB)

Sept 2015  
IDP Green Business Entrepreneurship Training Oct 2015  

IDP PhD Retreat

Oct 2014

Oct 2015

Oct 2016

Apr 2017


International regulations and research with biological material from abroad

Course abstract FS2017 (PDF, 112 KB)

Apr 2014

Mar 2017

Spring 2018

Transferable Skills Courses:

Scientific Writing Practice I and II yearly  
Next Generation Sequencing I and II yearly  
Pathways and Fluxes: Exploring the Plant Metabolic Network



Scientific Presentation Practice yearly  
Ecology of Alpine Plants yearly  
Colloquium Challenges in Plant Sciences yearly  
Transdisciplinary Seminar on Research for Sustainable Development yearly  
Summer School: Green Revolution Reloaded HS2014  
RNA Sequencing - A practical course for Plant Scientists HS2014  
Introduction to Statistics for Molecular Biologists HS2014  
Scientific Visualizations using R yearly  
Visualizing your research FS2015  
Concepts in Evolutionary Biology yearly  
Introduction to Light Microscopy & Image Processing



Introductory Course to R yearly Spring 2018

Dealing with the Publication Process