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Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

Public Events, Outcomes and Publications


RESPONSE Outreach activities include a wide range of target-actions aiming to transfer and discuss research outcomes with different parts of society.

Public Events, Past



RESPONSE Stakeholder Event 2023 (Citizen Consensus Conference 2023)

"Zukunft der Landnutzung in der Schweiz unter dem neuen Globalen Biodiversitätsrahmen (COP 15)"

An diesem Fireside Chat des Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center und des Franxini Projekt diskutieren wir am 26. September 2023 an der ETH Zürich, was es für die Landnutzung in der Schweiz bedeuten würde, wenn die an der COP15 formulierten Biodiversitätsziele schweizweit umgesetzt werden. Zusammen mit Vertreter*innen aus Wissenschaft, Politik, Verwaltung und Wirtschaft besprechen wir mögliche Lösungen in einem offenen Austausch.

Zur Event Webseite oder dem Blogartikel für weitere Details.

RESPONSE Doktorand:innen präsentierten Ihre Projekte im Rahmen einer Posterausstellung (PDF, 37 MB).

Diese Veranstaltung fand in deutscher Sprache statt.

26 September 2023

Citizen Consensus Conference 2022

"Sustainable Energy System - Who Will Lead the Way?"

hosted by the Energy Science Center Zurich GreenBuzz & Siemens 

PhD students of the Response Doctoral Programme represent their research in discussion with the public. 

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16 June 2022

Citizen Consensus Conference 2021

"The Need for Climate Resilient Food Systems"

hosted by Dr. Martijn Sonnevelt WFSC & GreenBuzz

7 PhD students of the Response Doctoral Programme represented their research in 4 minutes flash light talks and took the questions of the public. 

Can plants switch on and off genes to rapidly adapt to a changing climate?- Fei, Danli; Denic, Dusan

What tools do plant breeders have to improve the resilience of crops? - Jung, Katharina; Gonzales, Reah; Liang, Yuanyuan

Further RESPONSE attendees: Giguere, Laurent; Chen, Yutang (no record available)

2 June 2021




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Blogs, Web Articles and Media Releases

All RESPONSE blog and web articles, and media realeases are available on the Science and Policy Blog

RESPONSE Summer School Proceedings

Response Summer School «Responsible Research, Innovation and Transformation in Food, Plant and Energy Sciences» Learning Journey and Reflection. Melanie Paschke (ed.). Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center, 2021. With contributions by: Manuel Belanche Guadas, Linda Brodnicke, Dusan Denic, Danli Fei, Linda Frattini, Laurent Giguère, Reah Gonzales, Monika Katarzyna Goralczyk, Katharina Jung, Xeniya Kim, Simon Landauer, Yuanyuan Liang, Alberto Linares Quiros, Simone Markoff, Bessie Noll, Dabwiso Sakala, Fei Wu, and Francesca Zuffa


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Policy and Innovation Outcomes

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Linda Brodnicke won the MSCA Science-Policy Pitch Competition 2023 in the category "Contribution to wider EU policy priorities". The MSCA Presidency conference took place in Toledo, Spain.