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Approved Science and Policy Courses

Introduction to Political Sciences

PSC offers a  tailor-made block course which gives you a broad overview over political processes and the world of policy-making: Introduction to Political Sciences (Compulsory Activity).

Alternatively, the following courses fulfill the requirement for "Basics of Policy Sciences" in the Science & Policy curriculum. Registration for course units is possible via ETH mystudies.

If there is a course that you are interested in particularly and which is not listed here yet, please get in contact with the PhD progrm coordinator for approval.


Number Title Instructor ECTS Semester
701-1565-00L Quantitative Policy Analysis and Modeling A. Patt, R. Garrett, S. Pfenninger, B. Pickering 6 Fall
701-1653-00L Policy and Economics of Ecosystem Services R. Garrett, A. Müller 3 Spring
851-0626-01L International Aid and Development I. Günther 2 Fall
860-0023-00L  International Environmental Politics T. Bernauer 3 Fall
701-1652-00L Environmental Behaviour and Collective Decision Making R. Hansmann 3 Spring
701-0015-00L Transdisciplinary Research: Challenges of Interdisciplinarity and Stakeholder Engagement C. E. Pohl, M. Stauffacher, B. Vienni Baptista 2 Fall
701-1651-00L Environmental Governance E. Lieberherr 6 Fall
851-0589-00L Technology and Innovation for Development P. Aerni 3 Fall
102-0327-01L Implementation of Environmental and other Sustainability Goals A. E. Braunschweig 2 Fall
701-1563-00L Climate Policy A. Patt, S. Hanger-Kopp 6 Fall

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