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Each year the PSC organizes a scientific symposium that focuses on a major topic in the plant sciences. During the conference, invited scientists from around the world interact with the PSC scientific community. In alternate years, PSC PhD students are responsible for the symposium topic and organisation.

8 Dec 2023: The impact of plant sciences on our lives – food, environment, health and knowledge of science

Past PSC Symposia

Public round tables

The PSC and its Science and Policy PhD Program, organizes public round tables and panel discussions. Here, scientists, policy makers, and the general public meet to debate topics in plant sciences that are of relevance for policy issues and society at large.

Past Public Round Tables

Fachtagungen Dialog Grün

The PSC, in collaboration with the Collegium Helveticum, regularly organizes conferences at which scientists, journalists, policy makers, teachers and the general public meet to discuss the benefits and risks of new plant science related technologies and the resulting ecological, social and economic implications. 

Note: the weblinks below lead to the German version of the PSC website.

Past Fachtagungen Dialog Grün