Broadening the reach of the plant sciences

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The Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC) leverages its cross-university mission and organization to advance ambitious research initiatives. Our 45 research groups represent a wide spectrum of plant-related disciplines, and the PSC provides a nexus for approaching questions in the plant sciences that require coordinated effort. The PSC provides platforms for intellectual interaction and a source for PhD and Postdoctoral fellowships for students ready to face these challenges.

PhD and Postdoc Funding and Fellowship Programs

The PSC actively seeks and manges funds for PhD and Postdoc fellowships. It links outstanding students from around the world with principal investigators researching pressing topics in plant sciences.

Funding and Fellowships

Research Directions

With 600 participating members of the Plant Science Center, there is more exciting research happening than can be quickly summarized on a webpage. However, we highlight a few examples. In addition, browse a list of research topics that are currently being explored by the PSC members:

Research Directions

Research Networks

PSC members actively participate in a broad spectrum of national and international research networks, many of them reach beyond the plant sciences to other aspects of biology and society:

Research Networks