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Public Events, Outcomes and Publications

Public Events

Within the PhD Program Science & Policy, the PSC organizes various workshops and panel discussions. These events are open to everyone and provide an opportunity for the PhD students to interact with experts at the interface of science and policy.


Topic Date

IDP BRIDGES – Final Event

Bridging Science and Policy Flyer (PDF, 761 KB)



Special Seminar on Tef - the Cereal that feeds Ethiopia, including public discussion Flyer (PDF, 1005 KB) October 2016
EUCARPIA 20th General Congress - Panel Discussion on "Innovation vs. Regulation", extended public discussion, moderated by Tim Sykes Program (PDF, 778 KB)

September 2016

Plant Sciences, Patents and Food Security Panel Discussion with invited speakers October 2015
Science in policy on the use of systemic pesticides Panel Discussion with invited experts November 2014
Symposium cum Workshop on Participatory Research to foster Innovation in Agriculture co-organisation with the FiBL (Research Institute for Organic Agriculture)



PSC-Mercator Think Tank Event Workshop on Research Impact





• Patents and Spin-offs

Michael and his supervisor Etienne Bucher successfully applied for the patent on “MOBILISATION OF TRANSPOSABLE ELEMENTS TO ENHANCE GENETIC AND EPIGENETIC VARIABILITY IN A POPULATION”. Etienne Bucher launched the spin-off "epibreed AG" based on the patent and received the ERC Consolidator grant "BUNGEE: Directed crop breeding using jumping genes" (Project # 725701)

• Awards and Prizes

Lukas won a award for his poster on "How reliable are microbial inoculants in agriculture for improving nutrient use efficiency and yield? – A meta‐analysis of field studies from 1981 to 2015 (PDF, 2 MB)" at the 19th Organic World Congress of the International Society of Organic Agriculture (2017, ISOFAR) in Delhi, India

Lukas won the Biosyneterra price for best oral presentation by a graduate student with emphasis on applied research and innovative/industrial applications of mycorrhizas at 9th International Conference on Mycorrhiza (2017, ICOM) in Prague, Czech Republic

• Web articles and Reports

Tim contributed to the new EASAC report on genome editing advises European policy-makers on how to approach ground-breaking research on plants, animals, microbes and humans (2017)

Michaels' project was presented in an article on "Hitze lässt ONSEN hüpfen - Retrotransposonen kontrolliert zum Springen bringen" (August 2017)

The Centro Regional de Estudios en Alimentos y Salud (CREAS) published an articles about Guillaumes' work in Chile "Experto francés estudia el crecimiento y propiedades bioactivas de la papa nativa sometida a estrés hídrico" on

The Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center published proceedings with contribution of Guillaume and Lukas: PSC Summer Schools 2014 and 2016. Agriculture in transformation – Concepts for agriculture production systems that are socially fair, environmentally safe and economically viable. Melanie Paschke (ed.), IDEA Verlag GmbH, ISBN 978-3-88793-257-2

• Blogs and Media Releases

Yuanyuan published a Science article (see below) about her results from the Chinese-German-Swiss research project “BEF China” which received great attention by UZH media, Deutschen Zentrums für integrative Biodiversitätsforschung (iDiv), EurekAlert, ibcas news, South China Morning Post. There were many discussions on Reddit.

The scientific article on biofertilization written by Lukas has been highlighted by an press release on "Bodenmikroben statt Dünger (PDF, 337 KB)" published by FiBL and the University of Basel (February 2018)

Devang published articles on "Writing Our Genome", "Writing Our Genome-II ", "Rewriting our food supply", "A call to arms" and "Dangers of our own creation" for is personal blog; articles on "Synbio and Biosecurity" and "Geoengineering and Synthetic Biology" on PLOS Blogs, articles on "Inside the effort to create entire genomes from scratch" and "This biologist believes we should embrace human gene editing" for the Massive blog, an article on "Nobel Prizes Should Reward Science, Not Scientists" for the Slate blog and an article summarizing the panel discussion of the PSC PhD Symposium 2016 on "Synthetic biology for natural products" on the PSC Science and Policy Blog "Engaging in a science and policy dialogue"

Yuanyuan established a blog about the Chinese-German-Swiss research project “BEF China” which established a large forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (BEF) experiment - Read more about it on the Blog

An article on "Indo-Swiss Coffee Connections" has been published on the SWISSNEX India blog as well as on the World Economic Forum Blog. This article is based on the participatory workshop "Perceiving the future of Kodagu landscape: Coffee, Shade trees and Bees" in India (Charlotte).

An article on "Beekeeping to prevent the pollination problem?" written by Charlotte has been published on the ETH Zukunftsblog in January 2016.

Guillaume published three media releases, for example via El Informador, about his project and the corresponding work in Chile (2016)

Claudia Hahn wrote for the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center recommendations for a more sustainable fodder production with changing climate (2012).

• Exhibitions and Fairs

Devang, Wuyan and Sofia participated at Scientifica 2015 informing the public about " Vom Licht zur Nahrung" and "Der Weg zur 3D-Pflanzenzelle im Licht des Mikroskops"

Charlotte presented at Science on Your Plate - ETH Zurich researchers collaborating with the university’s World Food System Center presented at the opening ceremony of Zurich week in the Swiss Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

Silvia presented her work at „Uni-Nacht: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft“ (2015) organized by the University of Basel. Here, presentations take place at 15 locations and comprise 250 presentations in diverse forms. Scientists provide insights to their work and research.

Sofia presented her work to the public as well as scientists at the "Frühlingsfest" (2015) organized by the Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich

• Further Formats

Interview with Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schmid (Supervisor Of Yuanyuan) on "Experiences in a Long-Term International Research Project" published by SWISSNEX China

Yuanyuan attended the workshop "Story boarding Science: Interdisciplinary Workshop for Scientists and Filmmakers" (Nov 2016) - see the  Video produced by course participants that shows how climate change affects ecology

Syngenta Foundation supports the University of Berne (incl. Wuyans project) in the development of dwarf tef plants. The aim is to raise the yields of this important cereal for Ethiopia. Watch their film about the tef project, released in April 2016.

Lukas presented experiments during a school class training (PSC Discovery workshop, Topic: Mykorrhiza – Ein Pilz gegen den Welthunger?! in 2015. This has been included in the magazine “Forscherheft” on Symbiose – Mykorrhiza

Yuanyuan was holding the school class workshop «I love forest» for a primary school in the BEF-China experimental area, Xingangshan, JiangXi province, China (2014)

Yuanyuan contributed to a “Plant Science at School workshop”. A continuing education program for Secondary School Teachers, which is organized and executed by the PSC. She introduced secondary school class teachers to the topic of “Diversity and productivity in subtropical forests –fixing carbon to mitigate climate change” and supported the PSC lecturers with the training in plant ecophysiology experiments at the Institute of Plant Sciences in Berne (May 2016).

Claudia contributed to a “Plant Science at School workshop” on “Den Puls der Pflanzen fühlen”. She introduced secondary school class teachers to “Seasonal effects of drought on the productivity of temperate grassland species” at the Institute of Plant Sciences in Berne (May 2015).

Charlotte attended the Global landscape forum, Paris, France and its exchange forum on sustainable practices in forestry, agriculture, climate change, food security, finance (Side events of the UNFCCC COP21 (2015).

Charlotte led a stakeholder Workshop in Bittangala, Kodagu District, India. The objective of the workshop was to engage a discussion with the stakeholders on the future of coffee landscapes and their perceptions of ecosystem services (2016).


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