JRC-PSC Collaborative Doctoral Program

PSC-JRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership


The PSC invites its members to submit project ideas in collaboration with the Joint Research Center (JRC). The JRC's mission is to support EU policy and decision-making. PSC is now preparing collaboration agreements between ETH Zurich and JRC as well as University of Zurich and JRC. ETH Zurich and University of Zurich can each host 5 PhD students in the topics Soil and land use change (PDF, 385 KB) and Bio-economy and forests (PDF, 303 KB). PhD candidates are jointly selected and supervised for the duration of their stay at the JRC (maximum of two years). Salary and research costs during the stay at JRC will be funded by the JRC. The PhD students will be enrolled in the PhD Program Science and Policy coordinated by the PSC.

Funded Projects

Project Title Project Leader Project Topic PhD student

Modelling Phosphorus cycle in EU agricultural soils and assessing land impact and land mitigation options (PDF, 92 KB)

Prof. Stefanie Hellweg and Dr. Stephan Pfister
ETH Zurich, Inst of Environmental Engineering (IfU), Ecological Systems Design
Soil and land use change

Anna Muntwyler, PhD student at ETH Zurich,




For PIs:
Manuela Dahinden, mdahinden@ethz.ch

Romy Kohlmann,  romy.kohlmann@usys.ethz.ch


For PhD students:
Luisa Last, luisa.last@usys.ethz.ch