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Prodoc Fellowships


Note: PSC successfully completed the ProDoc doctoral program in 2012.

In 2009, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) provided financial support to the PSC for the ProDoc Doctoral Program Plant Sciences and Policy. Initial program funding ended in 2012. Thereafter the Science & Policy program was continued as a regular PhD program of the PSC.

Program participants get the opportunity to complete a PhD in the plant sciences, and in addition they obtain specialized training at the interface of research and policy work.
Between 2009–2011, PSC members submitted research proposals to the program; 11 PhD projects were approved and funded.

Funded Projects

Project Title Project Leader(s) PhD Student End
Plant Reproductive Isolation: from Mechanisms to Evolution U. Grossniklaus (UZH), F. Schiestl (UZH) Daniel Gervasi 2014
Plant competitive interactions under soil nutrient transport limitation P. Niklaus (UZH) Janina Milkereit 2015
Adaptation and biodiversity in alpine habitats – integrating genomic and ecological perspectives K. Shimizu (ETH), A. Widmer (ETH) Reinhold Stockenhuber 2015
Soil biodiversity and functioning in agricultural ecosystems: Developing science for evidence based policy B. Schmid (UZH),
M.vd Heijden (ART)
Sarah Pellkofer, Kyle Hartmann 2014
Forest ecosystem responses to climatic drivers N. Buchmann (ETH) Matthias Häni 2014
Biodiversity in Tropical Forests A. Hector (UZH), J. Gazhoul (ETH) Dzaeman Dzulkifli, James Smith 2014
Effects of climate change on past, recent, and future biodiversity of alpine/arctic plants: Integrative evidence from phylogenies, population genetics, ecological niche modeling and new insights for conservation E. Conti (UZH),
C. Randin (UniBS)
Theofania Patsiou, Spyros Theodoridis
Mechanisms of Vernalization L. Hennig (ETH) Walid Mahrez 2012

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