Accepted RESPONSE PhD Projects (Call 1)

Project title

Research field

Host Org.

Secondment partner


Unlocking Epigenetic Variation to Breed Sustainable Crops in a Changing Climate (ESR01), link

Plant Science, transgenerational epigenetics, bioinformatics, statistics


MWSchmid GmbH, Switzerland

Dusan Denic

Wheat responses in changing climates studied by Asian varieties as underexploited genetic and genomic resources (ESR02) link

Plant science, bioinformatics


International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT, Mexico)

Katharina Jung

Developing a source-to-sink value chain for Swiss industrial carbon dioxide via a holistic approach (ESR03) link​​​​​​​

Energy science, social sciences or engineering/system sciences


German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ,  Germany

Bellona Europa, Belgium

Linda Frattini

Energy transition and the transport sector – assessing the impact of European and national policies on future drive technology mixes, energy use, and emission pathways (ESR04) link​​​​​​​

Energy science, cimate and energy policy, innovation studies


Swiss Energy Foundation (SES), Switzerland

Bessie Noll

Engineering the Policy-Enabled Transition to Sustainable Multi-Energy Microgrids (ESR05)

Energy systems,  energy economics and policy


Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland

Linda Brodnicke

Plant reproduction: chromatin-based controls in the reproductive lineage (ESR06)

Plant science, microscopy imaging and image processing, cell biology, plant development


Bitplane, Switzerland

Danli Fei

The role of biodiversity in sustainable energy transitions for charcoal (ESR07) link​​​​​​​

Land-use decisions, sustainability, social-ecological research and ecology, energy sciences


Nitidae, France

WWF, Belgium

Dabwiso Sakala

Towards improving forage productivity under future climates (ESR08) link​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Plant science, Quantitative genetics, statistics, Applied plant breeding


Barenbrug, France

Reah Gonzales

Accepted RESPONSE PhD Projects (Call 2)

Project title

Research field

Host Org.

Secondment partner


ROSE: Role of Bioenergy in Sustainable Energy Systems (ESR09), description

Energy and food systems modelling


Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Switzerland

Fei Wu

Quality-enhanced power semiconductor devices for reliable energy conversion (QEPSREC) (ESR10)

Semiconductor physics, Wide-bandgap electronics.


mi2-factory GmbH, Germany

Manuel Belanche Guadas

Developing climate ready apple production systems in Switzerland (ESR11)

Environmental science, Plant biology, Economics


Swiss Fruit Association, Switzerland

Laurent Giguere

Exploitation of genomic resources to spike forage breeding programs (ESR12)

Plant genomics, Forage grass genomics, Bioinformatics


DLF Seeds A/S, Denmark

Yutang Chen

Towards improved crop resilience – discovering essential factors that control chloroplast development (ESR13)

Plant Science, Cell biology, Organelle development, Fluorescence and electron microscopy, Image processing


Photon Systems Instruments (PSI), Czech Republic

Yuanyuan Liang

ChromoBreed: From Chromatin to Plant Breeding (ESR14)

Plant Science, Chromatin Biology, Epigenetics, Transposable elements, Plant breeding


epibreed AG, Switzerland

Alberto Linares

Accepted RESPONSE PhD Projects (Call 3)

Project title (Number)

Research field

Host Org.

Secondment partner

Unlocking genetic resources of buckwheat to diversify Swiss agricultural and food systems (ESR15)

Plant Breeding,

Orphan crops, Buckwheat, Genomics


ProSpecieRara, Switzerland open position
FARS - For resilient and sustainable farms and value chains from the perspective of the Agricultural Region Strategies policy tool (ESR16)

Agricultural economics and policy, Sustainability and resilience assessment


Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, Switzerland

open position
Sustainable storage for a resilient hydropower for a resilient future energy system (ESR17)

Hydraulic Engineering

Sediment Management


Swiss Federal Office of Energy BFE, (Switzerland)

open position
Monitoring the effect of deforestation and reforestation on vertebrate diversity using river environmental DNA (ESR18)

Molecular ecology, Spatial analyses, remote sensing


World Wildlife Fund (WWF), USA

open position
Land-use effects on the functioning of anthropogenically-dominated landscapes (ESR19)


Biodiversity sciences


Swiss Academy of Sciences, Forum Biodiversity, Switzerland open position
Legacy effects of land-use on tropical soils as constraints on the restoration success and service provision of tropical forests in Uganda (ESR20)

Forest ecosystem sciences

Soil system sciences


Face the Future, Uganda open position
Evidence-based evaluation of the roles and application of plant peptides for the sustainable improvement of crop resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses (‘PEPSTRESS’) (ESR21)


Crop stress tolerance


Syngenta, Switzerland open position
Inferring legacy of human activities on tropical forest plant diversity with spatial genetics and remote sensing (ESR22)

Ecology, Social-Ecology

Remote Sensing or Bioinformatics
UZH South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership – SEARRP, Malaysia open position

For details about the individual projects, please download the project and job descriptions.

Recruitment and Working Conditions

RESPONSE DP offers an interesting position at the interface of science and policy. While working in an international, interdisciplinary and innovative research environment at University of Zurich, ETH Zurich OR University of Basel, the ESR is jointly co-supervised by a non-academic partner organisation.

The ESR is matriculated and has a working contract at University of Zurich, ETH Zurich OR University of Basel. He/she works in Switzerland. The secondment will take place in Switzerland or abroad (see table above).

This program offers a three-year full-time position according to the PhD salary regulations of the University Zurich, ETH Zurich OR University of Basel and according to EU regulations for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researchers. The gross salary will not be lower than CHF 3920.