Networking is essential to our mission. We collaborate with universities, research institutes, non-governmental organizations and industry partners, as a key element in scientific advancement. This list highlights some of our recent working partners.


PLANT FELLOWS is an international Postdoc fellowship program coordinated by the PSC. The program supports scholars from around the world; 13 European and 7 international research institutions and 3 industry partners act as host organisations. PLANT FELLOWS provides some 60 fellowships, training, and mentoring.

Swiss Plant Science Web (SPSW)

The SPSW is the umbrella organization for research and education in academic plant science in Switzerland. It is composed of three regional networks:

  • ALPS - Arc lémanique plant science – Universities of Geneva and Lausanne
  • BeNeFri Network - Universities of Berne, Neuchâtel, and Fribourg
  • Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center - Universities of Zurich and Basel, and ETH Zurich

External partners